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COVID-19, has bought the world to stand-still. It has also highlighted certain elements that the humans have lapsed with the technological advancement in the recent past. The communities have been advised by the WHO to remain indoors and practice self-quarantine methods to minimize the out-break of the virus.

At this time of self-quarantine there are many things an individual could set the mind on. It is also a chance to reverse years of unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits to boost up the immunity system of the human body.

Yes, if you are in the contact with the virus, no single food can help protect you, but it will provide a better chance for you to fight against it and be cured. On another note, if you do continue to practice an unhealthy diet it will not gain you any benefits either. So, a healthy, balanced diet is always a win-win.

We`ve forgotten nature. That is one of the strongest messages delivered by the pandemic to the human-race. So, what are the natural food sources that could help us prepare a healthy diet and boost up our immunity system.

More veggies and fruits to gain Vitamins and Minerals is the way-forward, less fat. Fruits from a range of oranges, strawberries, mangoes and lemons will boost up your Vitamin C intake which is essential to boost your natural defenses. Nuts, Seeds, Spinach and Broccoli will help you grab some of the Vitamin E into your system.

Other than those two, Vitamin D plays a vital role in increasing your white-blood cells which is directly connected to the human immune system. So, more plant-based milk and supplements such as, fortified almond milk, fortified rice milk and fortified orange juice will help you in the cause. Mushrooms, is another great choice if you are in the hunt for some Vitamin D.

Minerals also play an important role in strengthening your immune system. Zinc has been identified as one of the main minerals for the deed. Your Zinc intake can be completed in food sources such as beans, chickpeas, tofu, and pumpkin seeds.

Just drawing back to a healthy food-style will not be effective if you do not select the appropriate mix of food sources to include in your diet. It is also important to know what type of nutrients will help you to carnage the virus.

We advise you to seek immediate medical attention if the symptoms of the pandemic show up, but we would also like you to make a mental note, a healthy eating style will help you fight better and hard. It is now or never, focus on the nature, eat healthy and stay safe.


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