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Singer Fashion Academy initiates student intake for the Certificate in Fashion Designing in 2020


Singer Fashion Academy, a part of one of Sri Lanka’s largest conglomerates, Singer PLC, has been in operation in all corners of the island for over 60 years. For the year 2020, Singer Fashion Academy is prepared to commence its student intake for the Certificate in Fashion Designing from the 01st of February to the 31st of March. All interested students can apply for this certificate program offered through the Singer Fashion Academy, with the validation of the Chartered Society of Designers (CSD), UK, to realize their fashion designing dreams and transform their passion into a career path.

The Certificate in Fashion Designing, a 6-month-long course, is one of the key certificate programs at the Singer Fashion Academy, leading students to a Diploma and an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Designing. This is one of the valiant efforts made by Singer to birth more fashion designers within the nation and assist them to reach international heights, providing international recognition to the registered students through exposure to industry experts, foreign lecturers and reputed University lecturers, who will be conducting their lessons.

Students stand a chance to register to this program biannually, in the months of March and September respectively, with the entry qualification being 2 credit passes for both Mathematics and English for the GCE Ordinary Level examinations. The program is a perfect blend of theory and practice and the students will be awarded an internationally recognized Certificate from the Chartered Society of Designers (CSD), UK, in addition to the certificate from the Singer Fashion Academy.

Registered students will additionally be presented a pattern making tool free of charge, as a part of Singer’s dedication to produce many new aspirant professionals in the area of fashion designing. The certificate course stands as the foundation stone to their career paths, offering a high quality practical experience and skill development, intensive coursework and rigorous industry skills mastery covering all aspects, preparing students to embark on an exciting career. The program centers on an internationally recognized syllabus with individual attention to each student. It also includes factory visits for all students to experience and be exposed to how their career might progress following the certificate program.

“As we can see a great demand for fashion designers worldwide, the Singer Fashion Academy is indeed a great chance for all emerging and passionate designers to realize their dreams at an affordable price while also being a convenient experience, which offers internationally recognized qualifications making the Sri Lankan youth globally competitive” commented Koshitha Peramunugamage, Head of Singer Business School.

The entire program gives a competitive advantage over other available courses, as it sets career progression milestones at an extremely affordable price which is payable with easy monthly installments. In addition, the Singer Fashion Academy conducts classes at 63 locations island-wide covering all major cities.  Students interested in fashion design no longer need to travel to Colombo as they can follow classes at convenient venues close to their home town. This is in commitment to Singer’s vision to make fashion designing not only affordable, but available throughout the island.

The Certificate in Fashion Designing is the first step for a structured three-part career progression, the program includes a six-month Foundation Certificate, followed by a one-year Diploma and a final one-year Advanced Diploma. Upon completion, students can join a university of their choice, completing their final year and graduating with a Degree in Fashion Designing. However, students have the opportunity to only complete individual stages within the program and  be led their dream jobs.

For Singer Fashion Academy’s growing base of budding entrepreneurs, housewives and school leavers, this new opportunity is the ideal platform to shape their aspirations and dreams. The in-depth curriculum for each stage has been structured taking into account the international and industry standards. The program’s syllabus up to the Advanced Diploma stage is equivalent to the first two years of learning in a University program under the UK curriculum. The Certificate level especially helps to build entrepreneurial opportunities and assists students in discovering their potential as a fashion designer.

The Singer Fashion Academy’s recent milestone achievement of validation status by UK’s Chartered Society of Designers will be applicable for the Certificate of Fashion Designing program. Thus students who complete the Foundation stage will simultaneously receive the Singer Fashion Academy certificate and also credentials from the prestigious Chartered Society of Designers (CSD).

Upon receiving the CSD Certificate, students can apply for Student Membership status from the Society without any application or joining fee. CSD Student Membership also offers a host of benefits including credibility, networking, online portfolio, directory listing with a public profile, professional development, and up to-date news from the design industry.

The Singer Fashion Academy invites interested students to register for the first intake for the year 2020 of its Certificate in Fashion Designing from the 01st of February to the 31st of March 2020. More information can be obtained through Singer Fashion Academy Facebook page or by sending an email to [email protected]


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