Coronavirus Will Change the World Permanently. Hereโ€™s How.


For many Americans right now, the scale of the coronavirus crisis calls to mind 9/11 or the 2008 financial crisisโ€”events that reshaped society in lasting ways, from how we travel and buy homes, to the level of security and surveillance weโ€™re accustomed to, and even to the language we use.

Politico Magazine surveyed more than 30 smart, macro thinkers this week, and they have some news for you: Buckle in. This could be bigger.

A global, novel virus that keeps us contained in our homesโ€”maybe for monthsโ€”is already reorienting our relationship to government, to the outside world, even to each other. Some changes these experts expect to see in the coming months or years might feel unfamiliar or unsettling: Will nations stay closed? Will touch become taboo? What will become of restaurants?

But crisis moments also present opportunity: more sophisticated and flexible use of technology, less polarization, a revived appreciation for the outdoors and lifeโ€™s other simple pleasures. No one knows exactly what will come, but here is our best stab at a guide to the unknown ways that societyโ€”government, healthcare, the economy, our lifestyles and moreโ€”will change.

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