𝙇𝙞𝙛𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙮𝙡𝙚 𝙉𝙚𝙬𝙨 Latest Buzz ‘Sri Lanka’s heritage beauty care brand Rani Sandalwood tributes loyal consumers with gold sovereigns’

‘Sri Lanka’s heritage beauty care brand Rani Sandalwood tributes loyal consumers with gold sovereigns’


The Swadeshi Industrial Works PLC has launched yet another exciting promotion for the loyal consumers of Rani Sandalwood soap with weekly offer of 03 nos. 22 Carat gold sovereigns for 06 weeks.

Consumers who Post or WhatsApp (077 0089716) or Inbox Rani Sandalwood face book page with two empty cartons of Rani Sandalwood Soap with their name, national identity card number and telephone number to “Rani Sadun Ran Rajiniyan” P.O. Box 04, Kandana are eligible to win 18 nos. 22 Carat gold sovereigns worth of Rs. 3 million over a period of six weeks, the company announced.

The promotion gets underway from May 2024 to 30th June 2024 and winners will be chosen at weekly raffle draws. Rani Sandalwood consumers can visit and like the Rani Sandalwood Facebook page for further information and updates.

“This promotion is intended to reward our loyal consumer base who consider Rani Sandalwood soap the most trusted and purest sandalwood based beauty soap in the market. Rani Sandalwood is for Every Queen” a spokesperson for Swadeshi Industries said.

“Sandalwood, the main ingredient of Rani Sandalwood soap is known for its purifying and cleansing attributes. It helps to smoothen and soften the skin, whilst leaving it healthier, glowing and radiant. This promotion is also intended to create better awareness of these aspects,” the spokesperson further added.

Rani Sandalwood has been always associated with truly beautiful women who know the special benefits and the healing properties of Sandalwood. They always trust Rani as the best quality and original Sandalwood soap which has been in the market for over 80 years. Rani Sandalwood to shine like a queen.

Launched in 1941 the ‘Rani’ brand has the unique distinction of having an unbroken leadership position in the Sandalwood beauty care segment since its launch and has gained wide acceptance in several overseas markets.

“As the country’s leading herbal personal care products company, we would like consumers to learn more about the functional benefits of the herbal ingredients used by Swadeshi in all its products, we use only the best of Sri Lankan herbs, and all ingredients are extensively researched, and the products fully tested to ensure quality and all our products are 100% Vegetarian, Not tested on animals and Cruelty free. Swadeshi products including Swadeshi Khomba, Rani Sandalwood and Swadeshi Khomba Baby are accredited by the Vegetarian Society, UK.” This stands testament to the company’s forward-thinking practices, as well as our desire to help consumers make ethical and eco-friendly choices. The company has always considered the health and environmental impact of its products, and continues to prioritize it. Swadeshi, a truly Sri Lankan company has claimed many industry firsts to its name during past 80 years. The pioneer and market leader in the herbal personal care category in Sri Lanka, The Swadeshi Industrial Works PLC, was incorporated in 1941.  Among the brands of Swadeshi are Swadeshi Khomba, Rani Sandalwood, Swadeshi Khomba Baby, Perlwite, Lak Bar, Safeplus, Black Eagle Perfume, Khomba Shampoo, Khomba Body Wash and Rani Shower Cream range.


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