DIVA Felicitates Awardees of โ€˜DIVA Daathata Diriyakโ€™ Program in Dankotuwa


DIVA, a proud Sri Lankan brand, in collaboration with Women in Management (WIM), recently celebrated the victors of the ‘DIVA Dathata Diriyak’ program held in Dankotuwa. This initiative encompassed comprehensive training sessions centred around women’s entrepreneurship and skill enhancement. Notably, this year marked the inception of the inaugural program in the Dankotuwa region, which has since expanded to encompass the entire nation.

Amidst the prevailing economic challenges faced by the nation, a remarkable trend has emerged wherein entrepreneurs, both from small and medium-scale businesses, have risen as a pivotal force driving domestic economic growth. They have significantly contributed to revitalizing the nation’s economy. It’s especially noteworthy that homemakers have transitioned into entrepreneurs, strengthening their householdsโ€™ home economy. This transformation, beyond the conventional domestic roles of sewing, knitting, and culinary arts, signifies a substantial shift, where women are driving the national economy forward as integral members of the workforce. Their diverse talents, such as craftsmanship, have empowered them to step into the entrepreneurial realm, thereby boosting both their family economies and the broader national economic landscape. Recognizing this unwavering spirit, DIVA launched the ‘DIVA Dathata Diriyak’ program with the primary objective of offering expert guidance to refine their business expertise, skills, and capabilities.

The ‘DIVA Dathata Diriyak’ program is designed to empower women entrepreneurs, equipping them with the confidence, knowledge, and skills essential for business initiation, organized operation, effective sales strategies, and more.

Acknowledging the reality that some women are challenged with a lack of time, knowledge, and support to realize their aspirations, DIVA is committed to extending a helping hand to talented women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka through the ‘DIVA Dathata Diriyak’ initiative.

The program monitors the progress and potential of the women engaged in the ‘DIVA Dathata Diriyak’ program, which highlights the marketing of women’s household products. Additionally, it incentivizes the women entrepreneurs who secure the first, second, and third positions upon completion of the program by offering financial rewards to further stimulate their growth and business capital.

Upon assessing the advancement achieved by the women who participated in the ‘DIVA Dathata Diriyak Dankotuwa’ program, the following women emerged victorious. H. K. Shanika Prabhashini, involved in the coconut treacle business, R. S. Nilakshika, engaged in sweet meats business and R.M.S Lakmali who excels in a pickle business, secured the first, second, and third places, respectively. These very capable women were duly recognised and acknowledged.

H.K. Shanika Prabhashini, the first-place winner, expressed her excitement, stating, “This victory brings me immense joy; it stands as the most precious recognition my business has received. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to DIVA for acknowledging me and providing this platform, along with my family, all those who guided and supported me. This win drives me to further enhance my business.”

As the saying goes, “The hands that rocks the cradle rule the world,” underscoring the crucial role of women in nurturing future generations and thereby shaping the nation’s development. It’s imperative to consistently acknowledge, cherish, and support these contributions. The ‘DIVA Dathata Diriyak’ program remains a steadfast source of inspiration and empowerment, nurturing women to embrace the future with their natural strengths and talents, thereby ushering them into a realm of business prospects.

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