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Sri Lanka’s first NMRA Certified reusable mask from Celcius Solutions


Celcius Health Mask® is the latest addition to the innovative product range of Celcius Solutions (Pvt) Ltd., the leading manufacturer and supplier of bedding products in Sri Lanka. This personal protective mask is Sri Lanka’s first National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) certified reusable mask for non-medical use (NMRA/MDR/P-8/01/2020) which has been tested for its filtering performance at two internationally recognized laboratories, Bureau Veritas and Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC).  The tests conducted by SLINTEC based on ASTM F2299 certified the superior particulate filtering efficiency while the tests conducted by Bureau Veritas according to ASTM 2101 – 19 revealed that the Celcius Health Mask® has a Bacterial Filtering Efficiency (BFE) of 96% and tests conducted according to ISO – 14184 – 1 revealed that the mask does not contain Formaldehyde, which is a common harmful chemical present in some textile products.

Celcius Health Mask® also achieves near medical-grade filtration performance which promises to provide maximum protection against a range of microorganisms. Celcius Solutions, with its years of expertise in woven and non-woven fabric technologies combined with expert involvement of University of Moratuwa has ensured the unique combination of textile structures to provide an improved particulate filtering efficiency which is very conducive for usage at present.

This product can be reused up to 10 washes whilst maintaining initial filtration level which makes it a more affordable solution to keep at one’s disposal.  Celcius Health Mask® is recommended for both indoor and outdoor usage and it is suitable for employees, students, security forces, construction and factory workers who need to wear masks regularly.

’The Celcius Health Mask® is hygienically manufactured in an enclosed clean environment and fully sanitized before final packaging. The fact that it is wearable for more than ten cycles makes it one of the most cost-effective masks in the market at present. It is more cost effective than a disposable mask which is designed for single usage. Most importantly, this is an eco-friendly product with 80% of it being manufactured from cotton, which biodegrades easily when compared to the disposable masks which take a longer time to degrade.’’ commented Mr. Kamal Dole, Managing Director of Celcius Solutions.

Following the guidelines issued by the WHO in June 2020, the Celcius Health Mask® is manufactured with three non-stretchable layers of which the outer layer filters out a considerable portion of larger particulates and major components of sub-micro particulates while providing protection against droplet penetration. This layer also provides support and protection to the sensitive non-woven layer in the middle. The middle layer consists of a sensitive filtration material that provides a major contribution to filter out larger particulates and a smaller portion of particulates less than 0.5 micrometers in size. Finally, the inner layer provides comfort to the wearer with its absorbent properties by preventing accumulation of wetness next to the face as a result of exhaled air. The inner layer is also capable of absorbing droplets and splatter generated during coughing or sneezing by the wearer.

The components used in the manufacture of the Celcius Health Mask® are carefully chosen to provide a higher level of protection against micro-organisms and other particulate matter commonly present in the atmosphere, as well as to limit the spread of droplets or splatter by the wearer.

Celcius Health Mask® is now available to order from Daraz.lk and Pickme. Can also be purchased from Celcius Concept Stores, Arpico Super Centers, Cargills Food City outlets, Health Guard and Union Chemist.

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NMRA Certified reusable mask from Celcius


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