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Hemas Consumer Brands remains committed to helping those in need due to COVID-19 and other emergencies


Strengthens Tissamaharama, Sooriyawewa, Rambukkana, Welikanda, Aralaganwila, Kandakadu and Kalutara regional requirements facilitating over 1,200 individuals

As 2020 dawned, COVID-19 began to batter the Sri Lankan community with grim consequences. It was evident that the country’s communities and official systems alone could not face the onslaught of the pandemic and needed backing of capable supporters to overcome the challenge. With this realization, Hemas Consumer Brands, a leader in Sri Lanka’s FMCG sector,  was a first responder to assist COVID-19 affected communities via multiple support interventions.

The assistance provided by the company to COVID affected communities and the country’s health care infrastructure has been immediate and consistent. These included donations of essential items, personal care products and much needed crucial medical equipment at healthcare institutions. The company has continued community support to families facing social- economic challenges throughout the pandemic and in the recent past focused its community efforts in Tissamaharama and Sooriyawewa areas by providing food and essential items to over 200 households that were affected.

Apart from COVID, parts of the Sri Lankan community were also hit by catastrophic natural disasters. Hemas rising to the need of the hour assisted 240 landslide hit households in Rambukkana, along with a donation drive of dry rations and other essentials to affected individuals in Rambukkana alleviating their pressing needs.

Sabrina Esufally, Director of Business Development and Innovation, Hemas Consumer Brands commented: “Now more than ever before, Sri Lankans need to support each other to navigate the economic and social challenges brought about by the current context. These challenges have placed considerable strain on family well-being. At Hemas, the wellbeing of our communities is of paramount importance to us, and we place a lot of importance in responding to the needs of vulnerable families. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the entire Hemas Consumer Brands team, has used its platforms to assist those in need, and we will continue to do this in the coming months.”

Hemas Consumer Brands also  supported donation drives of likeminded voluntary organizations upon request, handing over essential items, food rations to families and households affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Arapalakanda, Kalutara while also extending assistance by donating their own personal care, baby care and dry ration products to expectant mothers in the Welikanda, Aralaganwila and Kandakadu areas. Continuing the philanthropic effort, the Company also facilitated another donation drive to the Government Midwifery Service Association in Kandy which coincided with two blood donation drives.

During these difficult times, Hemas Consumer Brands stands firmly committed to extend its helping hand to the Sri Lankan community.

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Donation of food and essential goods to families in Tissamaharama

About Hemas Consumer

Hemas Consumer, a leading manufacturer in Sri Lanka’s Home and Personal Care sector is a subsidiary of Hemas Holdings PLC. Established in 1948, Hemas started with a simple intent to help families live healthfully. Today, as a leading public quoted company with over 4,500 employees, Hemas brings healthful living to life through a portfolio of world-class products and services in the Consumer, Healthcare and Mobility sectors. Hemas continues to invest in diverse and passionate teams, create meaningful offerings, cultivate trusted partnerships, and champion a more inclusive world.  


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