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Working from home? 5 video-conferencing apps you can use for meetings


Coronavirus has impacted business like never before. And while most businesses have managed to hold on, they have had to send their employees on the work-from-home mode unless strictly necessary.

And in that situation, the only way to communicate for group meetings is through video conferencing. If you didn’t know what apps you could use for easy video conferences, here are five you can take a look at.


Gaining fast popularity, this free video conferencing app provides a pared-down service for group video calls. The basic plan lets a user conduct a 40-minute call with features like screen sharing, breakout rooms and local recording.

The best part of Zoom is that the user interface is quite user friendly and so is the sign up process. The calls on Zoom are also unencrypted.


On WebEx it is easier to navigate through the menu bar and commands as compared to other video conferencing apps. This can be downloaded for free and also offers online video conference facility for free as well.

There are other sister apps of the brand such as WebEx Meeting and WebEx Team which are also useful if you are working from home.

Google Hangouts

Google’s video chat offering is one of the most widely used apps. The app integrates itself with the search giant’s email service Gmail and can accommodate up to 10 people at a time in a conference call setup.


Another very popular app, Skype is used for both personal and professional purposes. The free version gives one access to 10-way calling and a directory that can be populated by individual users.

Skype also has a business version which is useful for meetings and conferences.


This one operates on the voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology. The free version of the app can accommodate up to 10 people on a single call. The business plan of Join.me can ensure a 250 person conference with ultra-resolution


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