𝙇𝙞𝙛𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙮𝙡𝙚 𝙉𝙚𝙬𝙨 Latest Buzz Microimage unveils MiHCM for Microsoft Teams

Microimage unveils MiHCM for Microsoft Teams


As businesses around the world take steps to ensure that their employees are connected and engaged, MiHCM has announced the release of MiHCM HR for Microsoft Teams to empower companies to manage their remote workforce. The company also extended the features of its cloud-based Digital HR platform to enable MiHCM users to manage their day-to-day HR operations more conveniently. 

MiHCM HR for Microsoft Teams will allow companies to manage their human resource operations with check-in/out facilities, leave applications, preview payslips, submit timesheets and leave balance checking. Employees will be able to escalate a range of service requests to the HR department, such as requesting letters, documents, infrastructure or reporting work related issues.

The company is pleased to offer MiHCM HR for Microsoft Teams app free of charge to its existing SMB clients who use Microsoft Teams applications during the COVID-19 pandemic period while charging a nominal fee for corporate and enterprise clients. 

MiHCM clients can directly locate and install MiHCM HR for Microsoft Teams on the Microsoft Teams app while non-MiHCM customers can leverage the app by integrating it with their third-party HR system via secure APIs. 

“With the majority of the global workforce, now working remotely there will be increased usage of collaborative tools to ensure productivity and employee engagement. Our purpose with MiHCM HR for Microsoft Teams and our new feature enhancements for MiHCM for SMB and Enterprise variants is to support companies to manage their remote workforce seamlessly with all the essential HR tools. We believe working from home and remote working will become a new norm where we at MiHCM want be in the forefront of innovating solutions for future of work,” said MiHCM Founder/CEO Harsha Purasinghe. 

“MiHCM HR for Microsoft Teams currently supports employees to perform essential Core HR tasks; however, we will be adding more functionalities with frequent updates to enable the workforce to submit all the key HR service requests and increase engagement. While this app supports employees with essential HR task execution, our MiHCM SMB and Enterprise solutions will enable HR professionals to continue their HR tasks from remote locations,” added Harsha.

Over the past few years, MiHCM has involved in substantial R&D to continuously transform its products overall digital HR experience. Launching MiHCM HR for Microsoft Teams is an outcome of their efforts to offer a collaborative workplace experience to employees working remotely across the world. MiHCM HR for Microsoft Teams is the first HR app made available by an independent software vendor (ISV) in Asia Pacific Region the Microsoft Teams App Store. 

“The technology transformation occurring in human resources around the world is having a broad impact on businesses, people, processes and industry. In Sri Lanka, we’re excited to see Microimage unveil MiHCM HR for Microsoft Teams which improves the productivity and efficiency of every organization by enabling them to complete tasks as quickly and seamlessly as possible; ensuring that every human resources function is enabled by modern collaboration and communication tools,” said Microsoft Sri Lanka and Maldives Country Manager Hasitha Abeywardena.

MiHCM’s digital HR cloud solution is an enterprise-grade HR platform delivered with a modern consumer-grade user experience that runs on Microsoft Azure. It uses advanced analytics and natural language query functionalities to provide talent insights for timely and accurate decision-making. Native mobile apps for both iOS and Android help empower the increasingly mobile workforce with the MIA chatbot providing 24 x 7 employee HR assistance.  


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