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Hemas Consumer Brands clinches 12 prestigious awards at National Sales Awards 2023


Hemas Consumer Brands has emerged as a standout performer at the highly acclaimed National Sales Awards 2023, organized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) on November 14, 2023. The company has proudly secured an impressive total of 12 awards, a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and the outstanding efforts of its dedicated sales team.

Sumudu Thanthirigoda, Director of Sales, Hemas Consumer Brands, expressed his pride, stating, “These accolades are a manifestation of our steadfast commitment to providing excellence and innovation within the sales industry. They serve as a tribute to the exceptional dedication exhibited by our sales team, highlighting the relentless effort they put in each day. These honours are a direct result of their hard work, and I extend my sincere congratulations to them for their outstanding contributions.”

In preparation for the rigorous interviews and engagements conducted by the esteemed SLIM jury, Hemas Consumer Brands took proactive measures to enhance the skills of its applicants. The company provided resources from its seasoned managers, leveraging their vast experience in the field of sales to train and mentor the team.

Dahami Hewagamage, Director of Human Resources (HR), Hemas Consumer Brands, noted, “The success of our team at the National Sales Awards stands as a clear testament to the meticulous preparation and unwavering commitment to excellence that defines Hemas Consumer Brands. This achievement underscores the deliberate efforts and strategic planning invested in every facet of our operations, reflecting our dedication to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of performance.”

The National Sales Awards, renowned for recognizing outstanding achievements in the sales industry, served as a platform for Hemas Consumer Brands to showcase its expertise and distinction. Hemas Consumer Brands proudly announces the outstanding achievements of its dedicated team members at the National Sales Awards 2023. Chamaka Kusinara secured two Gold Awards, excelling in the categories of Territory Manager Modern Trade and Territory Manager of the Year 2023. Charith Fernando earned a Gold Award for his exceptional performance as a Territory Manager in the FMCG – Cosmetics and Other segment.

Additionally, Nalin Kumara received a Gold Award for his role as a Sales Executive in the FMCG – Cosmetics and Other category. Mohamed Mafaz achieved remarkable success with two Gold Awards as a Sales Executive in the Modern Trade sector. Ishan Rauf was recognized with a Gold Award for his contributions as a Front Liner in the FMCG – Cosmetics and Other domain. Additionally, Mohamed Mufaris earned a Silver Award as a Sales Executive, while AGTM Jayarathne secured a Silver Award as an Other Sales Support Assistant Manager, both in the FMCG – Cosmetics and Other sector.

Further accolades include Mohamed Niyas and Lahiru Chandika, who received Bronze Awards for their roles as Sales Executives and Front Liners, respectively, in the FMCG – Cosmetics and Other and Modern Trade categories. Nandajeewa Kalpage was honored with a Bronze Award as a Front Liner in the FMCG – Cosmetics and Other segment, and Damith Prasanna received a Merit Award for his role as a Sales Supervisor in the Modern Trade category.

These outstanding achievements underscore Hemas Consumer Brands’ dedication to raising the bar in the sales industry, solidifying its position as a leader in excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The company extends its gratitude to the SLIM jury and recognizes the hard work and commitment of its sales team, whose exceptional efforts have propelled Hemas Consumer Brands to new heights.

About Hemas Consumer Brands

Hemas Consumer Brands, a leader in Sri Lanka’s Home and Personal Care sector for 60 years, focuses on empowering families to aspire for a better tomorrow. The business takes pride in utilising local insights to innovate and develop consumer centric propositions that have helped establish their purpose led brands as trusted household names in Sri Lanka.  Driven by its deep understanding of the Sri Lankan consumer and an unwavering commitment to delivering superior quality and value through its products, Hemas Consumer Brands continues to enrich the lives of communities across the country.

Photo Caption – The Hemas Consumer Brands sales team at the National Sales Awards 2023


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