Huawei and Ericsson Sign Long-Term Patent Cross-Licensing Agreement

Huawei and Ericsson have signed a long-term global patent cross-licensing agreement that covers patents essential to a wide range of standards such as 3GPP, ITU, IEEE, and IETF standards for 3G, 4G, and 5G cellular technologies. The agreement covers the companiesโ€™ respective sales of network infrastructure and consumer devices, granting both parties global access to each otherโ€™s patented, standardized technologies.

โ€œWe are delighted to reach a long-term global cross-licensing agreement with Ericsson,โ€ said Alan Fan, Head of Huaweiโ€™s Intellectual Property Department. โ€œAs major contributors of standard essential patents (SEPs) for mobile communication, the companies recognize the value of each otherโ€™s intellectual property, and this agreement creates a stronger patent environment. It demonstrates the commitment both parties have forged that intellectual property should be properly respected and protected.โ€

Over the past 20 years, Huawei has been a major contributor to mainstream ICT standards, including those for cellular, Wi-Fi, and multimedia codecs. In 2022, Huawei topped the European Patent Officeโ€™s applicant ranking for number of patent applications filed, with 4,505 applications.

โ€œOur commitment to sharing leading technological innovations will drive healthy, sustainable industry development and provide consumers with more robust products and services,โ€ added Fan.

Huawei is both a holder and implementer of SEPs and seeks to take a balanced approach to licensing. Through the signing of this agreement, it is both giving and receiving access to key technologies. Fan said, โ€œThis agreement is the result of intensive discussions that ensured the interests of both patent holders and implementers are served fairly.โ€


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