Baby Cheramy expands its floral range with Nil Manel for a Soothing Goodness

Baby Cheramy, Sri Lanka’s number one baby care brand, celebrates 60 years of bringing its  valued customers safe and caring products. The brand has always focused on high quality and  safety standards that are good for the delicate skin of your little one. The Brand is closely  connected to its consumers’ evolving needs and, with that, Baby Cheramy recently launched two  new additions, Nil Manel Floral Baby Cream and Soap, to their floral range. 

The two additions are specially formulated with the goodness of natural Nil Manel extracts and  milk, which are known to nourish, retain skin moisture, and soothe your baby’s skin. They are also  manufactured complying to the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) requirements, making  them suitable for your baby.

From the moment a baby is conceived, parents wish to provide the best of everything for their  precious bundles of joy to ensure the utmost safety and comfort. In the quest for the safest and  best quality products to use for their baby, mothers increasingly look for products that provide the  required moisturization that is essential for healthy-looking skin. The Nil Manel Floral Baby Cream  and Soap most importantly helps retain skin moisture, which is prone to dry fast mainly due to our  tropical climate with its added cooling properties providing a soothing feel to your baby’s skin.

The new Nil Manel Floral Baby Cream and Soap are both developed with a safe formula, which  is dermatologically tested for safety & can be considered as Non-Irritant to skin. It is also free from  parabens, petroleum oil, and formaldehyde.

Baby Cheramy has been winning the hearts and trust of parents for generations, for nearly 6  decades. They offer a complete product range manufactured to the highest quality and safety  standards, catering to all baby care requirements. Its wide range of products includes Baby Soap,  Baby Cologne, Cream and Lotion, Laundry Wash Powder and Liquid, Bottle Wash, Cotton Buds,  Diapers, Nappy Rash Cream, and many more, all of which ensure the utmost protection and  nourishment for your baby’s skin.

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